Email POP Account Setup: Apple Mail

Setting up your POP account on Apple Mail on a Mac
Although this is for MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) Mail version 12, in most other versions it’s exactly the same or there are minor variations.

For this guide your domain is and your email address is 

Creating the Account

Open Mail
Go to Mail>Preferences and go to the Accounts tab
on the left hand side press +

Select Add Other Mail Account….
Press Continue

Fill in your Full Name, your Email Address (copy it) and your Password
Press Sign In
Mail will reply “Unable to verify username and password”
Press Continue

In this screen

Email address should be filled in already
The Username is the full email address
Password should be filled in already

Choose Account Type: POP

Incoming Mail Server is mail.your 
Outgoing Mail Server is mail.your 

Press Sign In

You may get a message; The identity of cannot be verified, press Continue


You will return to the Accounts tab. Select your account on the left hand side

Go to the Server Settings tab

Uncheck Automatically detect and maintain account settings (IMPORTANT: Mail will change your settings if this is not done). Earlier versions of Mail don’t have this setting.

Return to Account Information tab

Check Remove copy from server after retrieving a message, then choose Immediately from the dropdown unless there’s a good reason for anything else.

Close the Accounts dialogue
You will be asked to save changes, press Save

Go to Window>Connection Doctor and check the connections.