Blocked from the server

You may find your email appears to stop working after changing the settings or changing email programmes or computer.

Chances are you have been blocked as a potential spammer. Our server is under almost continual attack for use in bulk spam sending. Most servers are. We now have a strong security policy for outgoing mail, the SMTP server. An incorrect authentication will result in a block for 15 minutes, several such attempts will make this block permanent.

Unfortunately most email programmes will give you the message “log-on to the server failed, please re-enter your password” and thus you’ll inadvertently block yourself again.

If this happens;

  1. Check that it has happened by going to your website in a browser. If you are unable to access your website (but can reach google fine), you have been blocked.
  2. Go to, write down your IP address and send me a message asking for it to be unblocked.
  3. It is often possible to change your IP address by restarting your router or putting your phone into airplane mode. Obviously, if you are uncertain about your log on details then it will simply happen again.

Checking your log on details.

1. You should make sure I have a email address for you that is not hosted by me so we can communicate in these circumstances,  gmail for instance.

2. If you are unsure of your log in details try them in your webmail;

3. the username is your full email address

4. If you have any doubt about your log in, please get it touch, much less frustrating than being blocked from everything.

5. If your password is changed you will need to change it in your outgoing  (SMTP) server as well as the incoming (POP) server.

cPanel too

Not many of my clients do their own cPanel but be aware the same security procedure is in place for failed cPanel log in attempts.

It takes 5 failed cPanel authentication attempts in an hour to instigate a block. The block lasts 15 minutes and is then revoked, so it’s only a temporary block that’s put in place.