Email settings

The basic service we offer is a POP service with a mailbox size of 50mB.  The settings are below;

Assuming an email address

Mailbox type: POP

Incoming mail server:
Port: 110
SSL: Off
User name : your full email address;
Password: as provided

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Port: 110
SSL: Off
Server required authentication: Yes
Authentication type: Plain password
Log on using same settings as incoming mail server.

Under Advanced Settings either set Remove the message from the server  to Immediately or set Leave a copy of the message on the server to unchecked.

Important: The latest MacOS has a setting “Automatically detect and maintain mail settings”. Make sure this is unchecked. If you leave it checked it will change your settings and your email will not work (Spare us from helpful computers 😉

If you get the outgoing mail server settings wrong, you may get blocked from the server – a measure to help prevent spam attacks. If you are sure your settings are right above, then read this article.