“It doesn’t look right”

As I develop a website for you, there’s a lot of changes along the way,  to the layout, to the presentation.  Unfortunately our browsers are often resistant to these changes because of a process called ‘caching’. 

Caching is a method of speeding up websites by reusing certain portions of the code and storing it (‘caching it’) on your computer.

Unfortunately this means that in some cases your browser won’t load the changed file to show you the changes I have made.

First press Refresh a couple of times. If this doesn’t improve the situation then you will need to empty your browser cache. Instructions for common browsers are below.

Once you have cleared the cache, press Refresh once more and the changes should appear.

A quick ‘fix’ is to load the site in a Private or Incognito window in your browser.

Apple Safari

1.  go to the Safari Menu > Preferences > Advanced check Show Develop menu in menu bar

2. From the new menu that appears choose Develop > Empty Caches

(you can then turn the Develop menu off again if it disturbs you)

Google Chrome

1.  Mac: Go to the Chrome Menu > Clear Browsing Data

Windows:  Press the menu icon 
Press More Tools.
Press Clear Browsing Data….

Important: But be careful that you only check  Cached images and files.

2. press Clear Browsing Data


1. Mac: Go to Firefox Menu > Preferences

Windows: Go to Tools > Options

2. Go to the  Privacy tab on the left.

3. In the History area, click the clear your recent history link.

4. In the Clear Recent History window that appears, set the Time range to clear: to Everything.

5. In the list at the bottom of the window, uncheck everything except for Cache.​
Press Clear Now.

Microsoft Edge

1. Got to the Hub icon (three horizontal lines at top bar) and then press History

2. Now press Clear all history

3. In the window that follows select Cached data and files and press Clear.