Blocked from the server

You may find your email appears to stop working after changing the settings or changing email programmes or computer.

Chances are you have been blocked as a potential spammer. Our server is under almost continual attack for use in bulk spam sending. Most servers are. We now have a strong security policy for outgoing mail, the SMTP server. An incorrect authentication will result in a block for 15 minutes, several such attempts will make this block permanent.

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Hosting issues and helpful stuff

As I find myself often treading the same paths with my support for hosting, I thought I’d start a knowledge base.

Being a user of such myself, I’ll begin with an apology…..

Chances are you won’t find what you are looking for. Issues are so personal and specific. What I am trying to do with this is start a resource where I can say to you “OK, your problem seems to be this, have a look at this article.”

Always open to suggestions. And yes, there will at some point be an article(s) on the pratfalls of setting up your emails….